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Pioneers in LNG

Total is the world’s second largest private LNG operator (click to find out more). Transporting gas in liquefied form over long distances opens the door to international markets and trading opportunities. Our energy trading function is strategically hubbed in London to meet energy supply and demand both in the UK and globally. 

To add greater certainty to UK energy security, we are a shareholder in the South Hook LNG terminal in Wales and have increased gas flows into the UK by more than 7% in the past year.

Natural gas – an abundant source of energy – is the best option currently available for combating climate change while ensuring the world has access to the energy it needs. Natural gas produces half the emissions of coal and is the primary energy transition source while energy efficient technologies and renewables are being fully developed (click to find out more). 

Offering a full range of products and services

The strength of our relationships with customers and our integrated business model ensures that we can take opportunities along the whole of the value chain. This provides flexibility to enable us to provide new forms of energy distribution and innovative products and services.

Total Gas & Power UK is the second largest gas supplier by volume to industrial and commercial customers in the UK, with a 19.6% market share supplying over 175,000 businesses in the UK. Our activities bring reliable and affordable gas and electricity down to the end user. We focus on the particular energy requirements of our customers and have developed specific skills and experience to offer them a superior service, competitive prices and a set of innovative products. 

Our proximity to customers is key as we continue to help develop our integrated solutions to a range of UK customers. 

As a producer of biofuels since the 1990s, we are committed to developing sustainable products through our industrial units, partnerships and R&D programmes. Biofuels offer huge environmental benefits, and we are increasing the blend of biofuels in our fuel by 7%. Our BioLife range of products is made from 100% vegetable origin feedstocks and provides sustainable solutions for many industries, ranging from inks and lubricants to cosmetic emollients and home care products. We have also developed multi-purpose oils (such as Total Concept TP Star) so our customers can more easily manage on-site fluids for greater efficiency and safety.

Our Excellium additives are injected at point of use, which can save up to 3% on fuel bills. For a large customer with a fleet of vehicles, these products, combined with fuel economy lubricants, can provide substantial savings over the course of a year. Our new, exclusive bitumen supply depot on London’s River Thames has helped us to integrate bitumen into our Total energy mix and means we need fewer trucks delivering along UK motorways. For more information visit

Our Business Partners

The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) is the skills, standards and qualifications body with statutory responsibility for the development of the engineering construction workforce of Great Britain.

Training to meet Industry Needs

Established in 1991, the ECITB invests £30m each year in providing the advice, information and support that engineering construction employers need to attract, develop and qualify the people required for a sustainable and competitive workforce. The ECITB also sets industry standards for competence and health & safety, and works with a wide range of stakeholders to build a sustainable and competitive workforce for the future.

Oil & Gas UK is the leading trade association for the United Kingdom offshore oil and gas industry. 

The Voice of the Offshore Industry

Established in April 2007 but with experience stretching back over 40 years, this not-for-profit organisation aims to strengthen the long-term health of the offshore oil and gas industry in the United Kingdom by working closely with companies across the sector, governments and all other stakeholders to address key issues and raise the profile of sector. It is a source of information for the UK Upstream and a gateway to industry networks and expertise.  Total is a key member of Oil and Gas UK (OGUK)

South Hook's liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal is located in Milford Haven. It is Europe's largest LNG terminal, built as part of the Qatargas II project.

A Safe and Reliable LNG Terminal

The terminal is located in Milford Haven, which is one of the world's deepest natural harbours formed by the Pembroke Dock and Daugleddau Estuary in South West Wales. The location is ideally suited to deliver LNG to the UK market.  Ground-breaking in terms of its size and strategic importance, the South Hook LNG Terminal is a strategically significant link in the world’s first fully integrated Supply Chain that stretches from the gas fields off the north east coast of Qatar to the deep waterway of Milford Haven. The Terminal has the ability to regasify around 20% of the UK’s natural gas requirements. 

Fulfilling the UK’s Long Term Energy Needs

The terminal is owned by a joint venture of Qatar Petroleum (67.5%), ExxonMobil (24.15%) and Total (8.35%). South Hook LNG Company was formed to develop and operate the terminal.

For almost thirty years medium size and larger organisations have come together through the Major Energy Users Council (MEUC) to ensure they are buying their utilities cost effectively and managing their use intelligently to avoid unnecessary waste.

Representing Member Interests

The Major Energy Users' Council started life in 1987 as the then nationalised fuel supply industries prepared for privatisation and larger customers got ready for the introduction of competition in gas and electricity supply. Today MEUC representatives sit on government, regulatory and supply industry committees, representing member views as relayed to us through the meetings and report back on developments and initiatives. The Council provides a raft of services through meetings, publications and on demand support to its members.

Understanding Member Needs

Total and MEUC have worked together for a number of years and in numerous ways. With dual goals of presenting MEUC members with an up-to-date supplier perspective on industry issues and understanding member priorities, Total’s involvement includes representation on committees, speaking at member events, hosting and sponsorship of meetings, and contributions to member publications.

Total Gas & Power UK

The UK’s leading provider of gas, electricity and energy