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What we do in the UK

Throughout the UK we provide products and services that are affordable, reliable and clean.


Our sites in the UK

For more than 60 years, Total has been part of the national fabric of the United Kingdom.

Today, we are fully integrated in all sectors of the energy business – exploration, production, refining, trading and marketing for our end users and customers.

With more than 1,900 people directly employed and many thousands of jobs, families and communities indirectly supported, we are committed to the future of our workforce and Britain’s energy needs.

  • 564
    million pounds capital investment in the UK
  • 13
    Total Group shares held in the UK
  • 2334
    People directly employed in the UK
  • 60
    Number of years operating in the UK
  • 18
    of the UK's gas produced by Total - number one in the UK
  • 14.5
    Turnover in billion pounds

As the largest operator in the UK and second in the North Sea, we have a responsibility to tackle the issue of climate change at local, regional and global levels. To achieve this, we are focused on safety, innovation and efficiency while continuing our substantial investment in the UK. Our ambitious exploration plan demonstrates the strength of our commitment to this country and the importance of our work here. An excellent example of this is our Culzean field which began production in the North Sea in June 2019. Opened ahead of schedule and below budget, it is set to provide 5% of the UK’s demand for gas. You can read more about the project here

committed to better energy

Our four UK business divisions are working as part of a greater whole across Total in the UK to maintain our rigorous focus on safety, improve efficiency and reduce the nation’s carbon footprint.

179,000 boe/d

Total Group share produced in first half of 2019


UK’s gas needs supplied by Total – number one in the UK


The benefits of our merger with Maersk Oil last year are evident. The business is flourishing with a well-balanced contribution from both legacy companies that has re-energised our colleagues. We had a positive year, delivering strong results that exceed targets. We made a significant contribution to the Group, while making capital expenditure  investments of £515m in the UK. We are operating at 95% installation availability and successfully brought the Culzean field on-stream ahead of time and under budget. Safety is our core value and we take a zero tolerance approach to accident or injury. The Culzean project has a good safety record for an operation of its size and, despite a few minor injuries, we have had no significant safety incidents during the past year. With a strong portfolio of assets that have benefited from a high level of investment over the past five years, we are on course to deliver operational excellence and continued cost-efficiency for the years ahead.

5.4 million

annual capacity to process crude oil

We are on a continuous journey to ensure the Lindsey Oil Refinery in Lincolnshire runs as safely and efficiently as possible. Over the past year, we have made greater use of a range of digital tools at the plant, improving tracking and monitoring of operations and equipment conditions. By improving the sensors to collect and process more data, we are able to predict and manage production more accurately. Safety remains paramount. We have achieved nearly two years without an incident despite major activities executed on-site.

Read our latest press release >>


sites supplied in the UK


automated smart meter reading installations end 2018

Accurate bills are essential for our customers, as well as our ambition to become the UK’s most transparent energy provider. Our expanded power portfolio has increased our market share, making us the UK’s sixth largest power supplier by volume. We have also maintained our position as second largest gas supplier by volume and we supply 99% of the Scottish Public Sector sites with gas. Our customers range from small businesses such as single-site retail shops to UK-wide supermarket chains and Public Sector bodies. We initiated a partnership with ChargePoint to bring world-leading networked electric vehicle charging technology to the UK.


emissions reduction in asphalt production 2018-19

1 million

Vehicles supplied with our fuel economy lubricants

The strength and depth of our growing UK customer relationships provides a robust platform from which to deliver more affordable, reliable and cleaner solutions. We are proud of a number of developments in the past year, including our collaboration with British Airways to bring jet fuel into Heathrow by rail, our leading position as a supplier and innovator in bitumen, including developments for a longer-life version of our bitumen product, Styrelf®. We have made it a priority to bring more bio-based products to market to ensure we do all we can to reduce CO2 emissions, use less energy and water, and save non‑renewable resources. Our fuel economic lubricants, co-developed with clients, will supply around 1 million vehicles in the UK.

Our strategy


By developing and embedding new technologies across our business, we are establishing different ways of working that allow us to deliver more affordable energy for all.



The agility with which we can produce and supply energy is perfectly tuned to tackle the fluctuations in customer demand in the short term, as well as meeting the evolving energy needs for the future. It is also vital to help us in our journey towards a more diverse, lower carbon energy mix.


As a country, we need sustainable energy to support future generations. Our energy ambition takes the IEA 2°C scenario into account and we are taking action across our value chain to reduce our impact on the climate and promote the responsible use of energy.

How we create value 

Our ambition to be the responsible energy major will be realised through our commitment to affordable, reliable and clean energy.

We make energy better in the UK by drawing on resources and relationships that make us, and the people vested in our business, resilient to changes in the external environment ...


Strength of our brand

Total has been present in the United Kingdom for more than 60 years. Over that time we have built a reputation for our commitment to the UK and the excellence of our products and services.

Expertise of our people

With around 2,300 people directly employed and many thousands of jobs indirectly supported, we invest in the future of our workforce through training and creating opportunities to develop skills.

Four vertically integrated divisions

  • Exploration and Production Gas
  • Renewables and Power
  • Refining and Chemicals
  • Marketing and Services

Innovative solutions

We are committed to providing safe, affordable, reliable and clean energy. Total is one of the leading suppliers of gas and power to businesses in the UK, helping customers control and reduce their environmental impact through advanced smart meters and energy efficient products.


A broad geographical footprint in the UK

We are fully integrated in all sectors of the energy business from exploration, production, refining, trading and marketing to end users and customers. From our gas plant in Shetland to our gas and power marketing team in Surrey, Total can be found across the UK.

  • Making decisions and doing business that bring value to our stakeholders with access to a prosperous future.
  • Proactively manage the environmental and societal impacts of our business.
  • Enabling a positive conduct and a values-based environment. Motivating engaged and enabled employees.
  • Building trust with our customers.
  • Successfully innovating and developing products and services.


Our products and services empower businesses and communities. We help provide employment and growth in the economies in which we operate. We engage with governments and communities to address societal issues and needs.

41,000 children taking part in the Better Energy School Awards

£313m Corporation tax paid to HMRC by Total in the UK to 31 December 2018

407 miles Road surface produced for the UK

2.4% Reduction in Total Gas & Power UK's Gender Pay Gap 2018