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Supporting tomorrow’s workforce today

Total Lindsey Oil Refinery supporting local school

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    Constructing the payload in the classroom
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    Payload ready to go
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    On the edge of space at 34km

A school near the Total Lindsey Oil Refinery on the Lincolnshire coast is benefiting from Total’s support for its science, technology, engineering and maths curriculum. Total has forged strong links with the school for more than 10 years, providing library books and scientific equipment. Now Total is extending its responsibility by contributing to the modernisation and rebuilding of the school.

Dynamic learning in the sciences

Firmly embedded in the area, TOTAL Lindsey Oil Refinery is continuing to support the local economy. In a three-year agreement, Total is providing support that encourages 11- 16 year olds at Baysgarth school to study the sciences. The initiative also involves primary school children. Students are engaged with planning, problem-based learning that brings together skills and knowledge of computer-aided design, physics, engineering, mathematical predictions and a great deal of team-working.

In a recent initiative pupils constructed a helium weather balloon and payload that contained scientific equipment. The balloon was launched in Sheffield and reached an altitude of 111,000 ft before descending to earth.The scientific and telemetry data provided by the payload will provide students with many hours worth of scientific study material. Baysgarth’s students are also learning the practical and process skills required to assemble a racing car, capable of competing in a mock Formula 24 grand prix. Older pupils are mentoring younger ones to construct a primary-age, ‘Greenpower Goblin’ car in an example of dynamic learning.

Building interest in practical terms

Total’s support has funded scientific lecture-demonstrations. Sophie Allan, a physicist at the National Space Academy, addressed pupils on the demands of human space flight and survival. Using a number of interactive demonstrations and films she explained the practical elements of space flight in simplified terms for young audiences. Such lectures prompt students’ interest in future science-based careers. Building on that interest, practically students are now designing, building and launching a prototype rocket.

A responsibility for the future

“We see it as part of our social responsibility to not only help educate students in STEM subjects but also to participate in school events such as careers’ open days, that inform them of possible jobs within our industry segment” says Total’s Darren Lacey. “They are a way to encourage the next generation to consider a career in the energy sector. As many students tend not to realise the breadth of opportunities –– available to them”. Total has also supported Baysgarth’s new laboratory, with support being used to fund Industry standard microscopes, visualisers, infrared thermometers, ph probes and other test equipment.

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