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John, ensuring energy is delivered where it is needed

With a background in mechanical engineering, John is based in London’s Canary Wharf and is one of Total’s trading executives responsible for ensuring that supplies of liquefied natural gas – LNG – from around the world reach their customers in a timely manner.

Worldwide dimensions

Natural gas, half of Total’s global production, plays a vital role in meeting the global demand for energy. Natural gas can be liquefied as LNG, which makes it possible to transport over long distances by sea by using a fleet of innovative tankers. Investing in LNG is one way of supplying energy to as many people as possible and our aim is to double sales of LNG by 2020. From London, for example, in my role as an LNG trader, my primary focus is supplies from Norway, Nigeria and America but customers could well be in India, China, or elsewhere in Asia, Europe and South America. Getting LNG to where it is needed depends on responding to situations and changes as they occur, frequently at short notice.

Opportunities to grow and develop

I discovered my love of numbers when I studied mechanical engineering. That is useful as a LNG trader where every day Total’s global trading teams around the world balance supply and demand. I thrive on the lack of routine that involves. I enjoy the complexity, variety and international dimension of the LNG business with its mix of day-to-day marketing and long-term development of supplies. Feedback and interaction from my manager is immediate and there is lots of experience among the traders in the team to draw on. I also host trainees from around the world who come to learn about how we trade LNG. The way in which Total is expanding its portfolio of LNG assets means that my work has grown. For me that has meant more responsibility and decision making as well as a chance to develop my analytical skills. It is a business that requires constant innovation.

Collaboration is key

Total is involved across the entire LNG chain, from extracting natural gas onshore and offshore to processing plants where it is liquefied, stored and shipped in own fleet of specially designed carriers to regasification terminals for delivery to business customers. That means collaboration is key to my work. Every day is different, talking with our American colleagues in Houston with whom I have an excellent relationship because of my experience of working there and our involvement in the development of the Sabine Pass LNG terminal on the borders of Texas and Louisiana. As the LNG industry is very orientated to Asia, we also work closely together with our team in Singapore too. What’s more, I get to travel to Africa and the Middle East.

Default description.

"Investing in LNG is one way of supplying energy to as many people as possible."

Short Resume


2006 – present

LNG Trading Executive at Total Gas & Power


2003 – 2006

Gas Trader at Total Gas & Power North America


2000 – 2003

Gas Trader at TotalFinaElf Gas & Power


1998 – 1999

Gas Operator at Elf Gas & Power


1994 – 1997

BSc in Mechanical Engineering