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Edradour-Glenlivet: shaping the future today

Always looking to the future, Total, along with partners Dong Energy and SSE E&P UK Limited, have spent more than three years and invested more than 2 million manhours in preparing the next chapter of our West of Shetland story – Edradour-Glenlivet.

	Edradour-Glenlivet: shaping the future today
West of Shetland Illustration

100km north west of the Shetland Islands, in water depths between 430m and 300m, lies one of the North Sea’s most active offshore construction sites in 2016. The dual field development sees two Glenlivet production wells tied back to a further production well on the Edradour field. Both are then tied into Total’s existing Laggan-Tormore import lines, which lie 16km to the south of Edradour.

First gas is expected from Edradour in Q4 2017, with Glenlivet expected to come onstream in late 2018.

Cost Efficient Fabrication and installation 

Following successful testing in 2015 and early 2016, fabrication sites across the UK and Norway successfully delivered line pipe, umbilicals, manifolds and other vital subsea infrastructure in advance of an intense summer installation campaign, which began in April.

Synergies between Laggan-Tormore and Edradour-Glenlivet, including a high degree of component commonality between the two projects, have helped deliver a number of cost and time efficiencies. 

Leaving a Lasting Safety Legacy

Safety has been paramount since day one, with Total and our contractors joining forces to shape a project safety charter, outlining a shared commitment to delivering a safe and environmentally responsible project.

As part of that commitment, Total established an Incentive Improvement Programme – a fund that can be drawn upon to help pay for long-term safety improvements at worksites, including those owned and operated by contractors. Proposals, whether for new equipment, technologies or upgrades to the working environment, are put forward by the workforce, with the aim of leaving a safety legacy once the project is complete. 

World first innovations

Advances in materials, fabrication techniques and installation capabilities mean that each and every subsea production system brings with it opportunities and fresh challenges. Edradour-Glenlivet has been no different. 

In a first for Total, the project has seen the deployment of seam welded tubes on the Glenlivet umbilical – an innovation that promises the Holy Grail of engineering: a product that is lighter, stronger and more cost efficient to fabricate.

The need to minimise the risk of corrosion in the Edradour production flowline also posed engineers a challenge. The answer involved coating a 1,200m-long section of the pipeline with thermally sprayed aluminium to enhance cooling. Protected by ventilated glass reinforced covers, the development of this novel cooling section has greatly enhanced Total’s understanding of the thermal performance of rock-dumped pipelines.

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