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David, experience fosters adaptability

Now Alwyn and Dunbar Well Operations Manager, David has spent most of his working life learning the drilling trade in an international career full of technical achievements.

Evolving with technology

During 30 years in drilling, working onshore and offshore, on both platforms and mobile drilling rigs, one thing I’ve learnt is that the next challenge is never far away. Today, that challenge lies in integrating modern drilling systems into 30 year-old technology, enabling us to increase offset distances and target reservoirs with ever greater accuracy.

Having been involved in the start up of production on Total’s Alwyn North platform, in 1987, my current role has brought me full circle, via France, The Netherlands and the USA. When I returned to Scotland in 2005, back to Aberdeen where my career began, I returned with more than 20 years of drilling experience gained from across the world.

Lifelong learning

My career has blended on-the-job training and experience with classroom-based learning at France’s prestigious Institute Français du Pétrole. I’ve been involved in supervising onshore rigs in rural France, the drilling of huge wells from offshore jack-up and semi submersible rigs, as well as spells overseeing the testing and commissioning of Total’s minimum facilities Dunbar drilling platform. That experience is invaluable in my role today, overseeing drilling activities on a mature field in the Northern North Sea. The fact we recently completed our 56th well from a 40-slot platform underlines how complex drilling activities have become.

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"Having been involved in the start up of production on Total’s Alwyn North platform, in 1987, my current role has brought me full circle."

Short Resume


2009 - Present

Well Operations Manager – Alwyn North and Dunbar, North Sea


2008 - 2009

Well Examiner for Total E&P UK, Aberdeen, Scotand


1997 - 2005

Drilling Engineer in France, Well Operations Superintendent in Texas, Project Engineer in the Netherlands


1993 - 1997

Commissioning Superintendent for the Dunbar Drilling Package, Drilling Supervisor on the Dunbar Platform, North Sea


1991 - 1993

Drilling Supervisor, Paris Basin, France


1987 - 1991

Trainee Drilling Supervisor, Aberdeen, Scotland; Night Drilling Supervisor, Alwyn North and mobile drilling rigs, North Sea