As well as providing energy to help meet demand in the UK, we continually seek solutions to deliver affordable, reliable and clean energy to our customers.

Our industrial expertise in transforming oil and gas helps to produce a wide range of everyday items such as cars, packaging and household appliances to meet our customers’ needs.

  • UK TD regional economy

    Total Lindsey Oil Refinery supports the regional economy in Lincolnshire through local employment and supply chain

  • UK TD innovation

    Opportunities in the UK are promising because of innovation in the energy industry

  • UK TD Refinery

    Total Lindsey Oil Refinery located on the North Lincolnshire coast

  • UK TD local employment

    We aim to provide local employment for local people


    We continually seek solutions to deliver affordable, reliable and clean energy

  • UK TD expertise

    Our expertise in transforming oil and gas helps us produce a wide range of items

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Operational Excellence

Total Lindsey Oil Refinery is committed to the UK and focussed on maintaining operational excellence.  With the completion of the first phase of a major restructuring plan we have significantly improved the competitive position of the Refinery within the UK and Europe.

We are ensuring our processes are as environmentally friendly as possible and developing greener solvents and more sustainable solutions. We are in a transformation period, moving from crude oil, raw materials to end product. We have reduced SO2 emissions from the UK Refinery, and improved productivity to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

Meeting the Needs of our Customers

We differentiate ourselves by the quality of service we provide throughout the entire supply chain. We are in permanent control of the quality of our feedstocks, components and blending operations. This gives us the ability to ensure consistent good quality and allows us the flexibility to respond quickly and efficiently to changing market needs.

Our Refining and Chemicals division declared 2017 the ‘Year of the Customer’; to focus on our customers’ needs and listen to their feedback. This helps us to develop the solutions they need to improve their businesses in sustainable ways, such as sulphur-free products used in road vehicles to increase motor efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Working in partnership to develop bespoke solutions

With our Hutchinson speciality chemical affiliate we offer bespoke solutions. For example, Pamargan manufactures and markets bonded seals. Stop-choc produces vibration and shock isolators, aircraft cockpit displays and large aircraft engines.