Better Energy Needs Collaboration: the Geoscience Research Centre

Being able to successfully develop new supplies of energy requires innovative technologies and a fresh approach. In mature basins such as the North Sea there are still billions of barrels waiting to be discovered and produced, but they are in more complicated rock formations and that makes it much more challenging. By creating partnerships with leading academics and research institutions across the UK and internationally, Total is one of the world’s leading players in ensuring future access to energy.

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    Part of a global centre of excellence

Forging strong partnerships and working with leading academics

The Geoscience Research Centre (GRC) in Aberdeen is one of Total’s seven internationally recognised centres of excellence where specialists collaborate on delivering breakthrough and cost-effective geoscience innovations. In the past ten years the GRC has filed 18 international patents and in 2013 alone the GRC was engaged in 62 research projects.  In addition the GRC funds nine PhD sponsorships and two chair professors at Imperial College London and one at the University of Edinburgh.

Our most recent breakthrough has seen the GRC develop a prototype that enables our geologists check if reservoir models match a given well test. The idea is to offer an efficient well test simulation that allows us to progress exploration project decisions without performing a full field flow simulation.

A global knowledge transfer network

The way the GRC is plugged into Total’s global network is a massively important part of its identity.  It is focussed not only on knowledge generation but also technology transfer.  By having a coordinated global research network we have a strategic oversight of all R&D activities, as well as possible opportunities to make use of them and a team of Development Architects dedicated to ensuring a bridge from the patent to the project.

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