To ensure people can access the energy they need in their everyday lives, we work hard to transport liquified natural gas and other energy solutions to our customers globally and across the UK, reaching even the most remote locations.

We are developing innovative products and services to help manage new ways our customers use energy, providing ways for them to use less energy more responsibly and efficiently.

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    Natural Gas - a priority in Total's energy mix


    Total Gas & Power supplies over 175,000 businesses in the UK

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    Our teams work hard to match energy supply and demand

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    We are committed to developing sustainable products

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    We pride ourselves on anticipating and understanding customer needs.

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    Our products are designed to help customers improve energy efficiency

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    Our bitumen low temperature asphalts get to temperature more quickly, keeping transport moving

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    Our Ecosolutions products improve the efficiency of engines through high performance oil

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Pioneers in LNG

Total is the world’s second largest private LNG operator (click to find out more).  Transporting gas in liquefied form over long distances opens the door to international markets and trading opportunities.  Our energy trading function is strategically hubbed in London to meet energy supply and demand both in the UK and globally. 

To add greater certainty to UK energy security, we are a shareholder in the South Hook LNG terminal in Wales and have increased gas flows into the UK by more than 7% in the past year.

Natural gas – an abundant source of energy – is the best option currently available for combating climate change while ensuring the world has access to the energy it needs.  Natural gas produces half the emissions of coal and is the primary energy transition source while energy efficient technologies and renewables are being fully developed (click to find out more). 

Offering a full range of products and services

The strength of our relationships with customers and our integrated business model ensures that we can take opportunities along the whole of the value chain.  This provides flexibility to enable us to provide new forms of energy distribution and innovative products and services.

Total Gas & Power UK is the second largest gas supplier by volume to industrial and commercial customers in the UK, with a 19.6% market share supplying over 175,000 businesses in the UK.  Our activities bring reliable and affordable gas and electricity down to the end user.  We focus on the particular energy requirements of our customers and have developed specific skills and experience to offer them a superior service, competitive prices and a set of innovative products. 

Our proximity to customers is key as we continue to help develop our integrated solutions to a range of UK customers. 

As a producer of biofuels since the 1990s, we are committed to developing sustainable products through our industrial units, partnerships and R&D programmes.  Biofuels offer huge environmental benefits, and we are increasing the blend of biofuels in our fuel by 7%. Our BioLife range of products is made from 100% vegetable origin feedstocks and provides sustainable solutions for many industries, ranging from inks and lubricants to cosmetic emollients and home care products.  We have also developed multi-purpose oils (such as Total Concept TP Star) so our customers can more easily manage on-site fluids for greater efficiency and safety.

Our Excellium additives are injected at point of use, which can save up to 3% on fuel bills. For a large customer with a fleet of vehicles, these products, combined with fuel economy lubricants, can provide substantial savings over the course of a year. Our new, exclusive bitumen supply depot on London’s River Thames has helped us to integrate bitumen into our Total energy mix and means we need fewer trucks delivering along UK motorways.  For more information visit