Major Energy Users' Council

For almost thirty years medium size and larger organisations have come together through the Major Energy Users Council (MEUC) to ensure they are buying their utilities cost effectively and managing their use intelligently to avoid unnecessary waste.

Representing Member Interests

The Major Energy Users' Council started life in 1987 as the then nationalised fuel supply industries prepared for privatisation and larger customers got ready for the introduction of competition in gas and electricity supply. Today MEUC representatives sit on government, regulatory and supply industry committees, representing member views as relayed to us through the meetings and report back on developments and initiatives. The Council provides a raft of services through meetings, publications and on demand support to its members.

Understanding Member Needs

Total and MEUC have worked together for a number of years and in numerous ways. With dual goals of presenting MEUC members with an up-to-date supplier perspective on industry issues and understanding member priorities, Total’s involvement includes representation on committees, speaking at member events, hosting and sponsorship of meetings, and contributions to member publications.

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