01/07/2015 - Press release

“From the track at Silverstone F1 Grand Prix to the road” Total products are shaped by the extreme demands of auto racing

British Grand Prix

On the occasion of the British Grand Prix, which will take place on July 5, 2015, Total as partner of Renault Sport F1 will supply the fuels and lubricants used by the Red Bull RB11s of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team, driven by Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat.

Faced with the new engine requirements (100 kg of fuel to cover the distance of a Grand Prix) and the constant challenge to improve energy output, the engineers and technicians of Total have pushed up the limits of excellence by developing customized fuels and lubricants. The Renault V6 engine is supplied with a specially developed fuel with a high octane level and excellent combustion stability. The lubricants supplied by Total combine low viscosity to reduce consumption with anti-wear properties and high thermal stability. This new hybrid engine technology has made it possible to maintain the same performance level of the Formula One racing cars as with the old V8 engines while at the same time consuming 35% less fuel.

Absolute mechanical reliability and added power are the terms used to bear witness to the efficiency and quality of the fuels and lubricants developed by Total for auto racing. These innovative solutions comply with the imperatives of increased performance in combination with reduced fuel consumption in the service of energy efficiency.

R&D behind performances

These high-tech fuels and lubricants are the result of the joint research of the Total research center in Solaize and the Total Additives and Special Fuels unit. The final result is a gain of 4 to 5% in terms of the power delivered to the wheel in 2014 alone. “For many years, the spirit of competition and the devotion of Total have helped us to implement innovative solutions in Formula 1,” explains Christian Horner, Team Principal at Infiniti Red Bull Racing. For Total this is an additional proof of the trust it enjoys among its partners.

“Total invests in extensive research and development programmes to make sure we're constantly producing innovative products whilst saving fuel and protecting the environment. To push the boundaries of our innovation even further, we enjoy close partnerships with major manufacturers worldwide. Together we develop high specification lubricants that meet the rigorous demands of Formula 1”, says Richard Laden, Managing Director of Total UK Limited.

As the Group’s high tech innovation laboratory, motor sports enable Total to leverage its expertise for the development of mass-market product lines as well. Every year, €100 million are earmarked for the development of fuels and lubricants that will help motorists to reduce their fuel consumption. The same research teams of the Solaize research Center develop our products for motor racing as well as those offered to motorists eager to improve their energy yield: lower consumption and reduced emissions without any sacrifices in terms of performance.

This way, Total’s expertise and innovation benefit everybody.


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