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Total Celebrates SHE Excellence

Total E&P UK's annual SHE Awards took place on Thursday 14 April at Ardoe House Hotel in Aberdeen.  Now in it's 11th year, Total welcomed more than 130 guests from across the industry who came to pay tribute to a number of inspiring individuals and teams nominated for the 2015 SHE Award.

The evening was hosted by Elisabeth Proust, Managing Director of Total's exploration and production division in the UK, alongside SHEQ&I Director, Bruce Lawson.

The Total SHE Awards are about recognising achievements that have led to improvements in health, safety and environmental performance.  Nominations are also welcomed from throughout industry - from Total's partner organisations and our contractor workforce - showing that by working together we can strive to operate in a safe and responsible manner.

A number of nominations were received, with finalists attending on the evening.  Our congratulations go to all who were nominated and to the winners of the following categories:-


Best Safety Improvement / Intervention

Mark Thompson, Aker Solutions and Phil Hensley, Total

The action taken by both Mark and Phil on the Elgin PUQ could be described as a life-saving intervention.  The pair, who had been involved in fitting a new unit on the amine absorber system on the PUQ, were walking the line prior to testing when they noticed the new units design pressure rating was incorrect.  Their meticulous attention to detail allowed the job to be stopped and the unit to be removed.  This action prevented what could have been a serious loss of containment and the obvious impact on our environment and personnel.

Best Health Improvement / Intervention

Borgsten Dolphin, Dolphin Drilling

The team on board the Borgsten Dolphin have tackled health issues in an extremely proactive manner.  Rather than just running a series of health promotions, the team took a focused look at the issues currently facing the workforce and set out a programme with a number of clear objectives ranging from education, best practice, measurement and support.  From a team of approximately 110, over 71 have taken part, 63% of which have reduced their BMI and a staggering 75% have reduced body fat percentage.  Topics have included Healthy Eating, Diabetes Awareness and Cancer Awareness to name a few.

Best Environmental Improvement / Intervention

The SCION V Team, Total E&P UK

SCION is a project based development scheme which enables staff to acquire skills in addition to those gained in their core discipline.  This latest group comprised six individuals from varying disciplines across Total who worked together to deliver a first class environmental improvement for our local community.  The team’s drive and enthusiasm ensured the installation of four new Cairns and message boards at the local Torry Battery, improving the local environment and increasing visitors to the area.

Safety Representative of the Year

Mike Fitzgerald, Iqarus

Not only is Mike a first-class medic onboard the Dunbar platform, he is also flight supervisor and safety rep.  In his role as safety rep, Mike actively engages with the crew on all aspects of safety, health and welfare topics.  He regularly takes part in platform safety tours and encourages open dialogue on all safety matters with the crew.  Mike promotes interaction with all safety reps and the crew, and is frequently involved in incident investigations and training events.

Supervisor Or Line Manager Of The Year

Warner Allan, Cape

Warner first visited the St Fergus site in 2014 where there were a number of LTIs recorded by the Cape Team.  Since then Warner has worked tirelessly to improve both the safety performance and culture amongst the team.  Described as an ‘unassuming’ man, Warner’s efforts in rectifying the situation have not gone unnoticed.  Demonstrating a high level of commitment and enthusiasm at all times, Warner leads by example and is well respected by his team and the wider organisation.

Best Newcomer

Kevin Conway, Petrofac

As a 'newbie' to the oil industry, Kevin's attitude and behaviour towards safety is to be commended and is extremely welcome from the Alwyn Team.  He has quickly familiarised himself with the safety observation system and is confident in raising concerns. More recently, Kevin reported a slight smell of gas and persevered through the night until the minor leak was detected.

Team Of The Year

Subsea & Projects Intervention Team, Alwyn Caisson Recovery

Total, Helix Well Ops, AquaTerra, Optimus

During a routine ROV inspection of the oily water caisson on North Alwyn a section of caisson was discovered subsea resting horizontally within the jacket and in close proximity to a number of oil and gas risers.  The remaining upper section of the caisson was still supported from the topsides, but without restraint.  As a result two scopes of work were undertaken - the removal of the remaining section of the suspended caisson, followed by the removal of the subsea section of the caisson.  Both scopes of work were complex in nature, potentially very hazardous and undertaken in some harsh weather conditions.  Both were completed without a safety incident, illustrating excellent teamwork.


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    The 2015 SHE Award Winners

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    Elisabeth Proust, Managing Director Total E&P UK Ltd

  • TEP UK 2015 SHE Awards

    Elisabeth is joined by Les Linklater, Executive Director of Step Change in Safety (left), Derdrie Michie, Chief Executive of O&G UK and Total's SHEQ&I Director, Bruce Lawson

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