01/05/2015 - Press release

School Pupils see Earth’s Future with Total

Generation Science May 2015

Aberdeen, (1 May 2015) - Generation Science is returning to the north east of Scotland and the Shetland Islands. 

Sponsored by Total E&P UK, Generation Science will begin their tour of north east Scotland and Shetland schools on Friday 1 May. The Generation Science partnership with Edinburgh International Science Festival reflects Total’s commitment to encourage school children to learn more about science, the environment and sustainable living. Nominated by Total staff, a total of 25 schools involving 1,500 pupils from across north east Scotland and the Shetland Islands will receive a free workshop.

Generation Science will be presenting ‘Future Earth’, an interactive show for children aged between 6 and 10. It follows the voyage of Alu, a time traveller who journeys back to the present in her search for valuable materials such as iron, coal and plastic. She takes the pupils through time when materials were first formed, and teaches them how we’re using too much too fast.

The tour kicks off with thirty pupils from Hatton Cruden primary school in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. Pupils will get to grips with the Lego Mindstorms Challenge, an advanced and interactive problem-solving activity presented by the Generation Science team.  

From 4 – 8 May the tour moves to Shetland, where school children will learn all about recycling and the environment. The visit to the Shetland Islands enables Generation Science to visit all 32 local authorities in Scotland for the first time.

Sandra McLennan from Total said, “As an energy company Total is committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise within our local communities and in particular, encouraging young people to study science. The Generation Science team will bring a fully interactive, educational, fun and energetic workshop to classrooms and we hope this will inspire children to embrace science subjects as they progress through school. We have worked with Generation Science for a number of years delivering workshops to our north east schools so we are absolutely delighted to extend our support and take the team on a journey to Shetland.”

Joan Davidson, Generation Science Manager said: “Science is a practical subject and our team works hard to get children enthused by science. Future Earth is designed to bring the environmental challenges facing our world to life and by doing so we hope that in the future these children will have a better understanding of how to live in a sustainable and greener way. We’re delighted to again be working with Total to bring Future Earth and many other science focused workshops to school children”.

For more information, including dates and times of workshops please contact Sandra McLennan, Total E&P UK – Tel: 01224 297025 / 07803 969 777  sandra.mclennan@total.com